The Look of Leather


Now anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not exactly the leather and chain wearing kind of gal. You are more likely to catch me rocking ribbons and pearls, but every fashion week something comes over me and I transform into a rocker chic fashionista. Carolyn prefers to call me Spike-Lina during this week.

But seriously how could anyone resist this jacket. It not only looks great, but its really comfortable. I love the design of this jacket.  The lapels are over-sized and have a carefree feel. The back is a stretchy spandex that allows the look of a leather jacket without the restricted feel. You can rock this jacket open or pin it with your favorite broach. I chose to wear it open with a statement necklace- tres chic!

I fit right in with the rest of NYC . The look of leather was everywhere! Handbags, shoes, jackets, vests… the list goes on.   It seems like leather-esque gems never really go out of style. So rock the leather look now and you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

NewYorker wearing a touch of leather.

Here are some H.Gems having a drink at the Empire Hotel NYC.


Hidden Gem: $50

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xoxo Lina

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