Emerald City


The moment I saw Blair’s coat on a recent episode of Gossip Girl, I was hooked! As my trusty fellow gem Carolyn knows, once we have something in mind, there is no stopping us. Obviously, I needed this for my trip to the big city. Lucky for me, just as we were counting down the days to Fashion Week, we spotted this precious, emerald, Kenneth Cole gem at Marshalls!

My Kenneth Cole creation fit the bill to a tee. It had a similar color and belted bliss! I paired mine with a similar paisley scarf and chain link bag, just like Blair! The coat also features a unique neckline that can be buttoned to create a ruffled front.

Gossip Girl Glam!

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I also accessorized my new favorite coat with a mongolian lamb scarf and black muff. This worked perfectly to stay warm on a cold night in the city!

So I know you are all wondering what is going to be a red hot trend during next fall and winters cold months… JEWEL TONES! That’s right, RUBY, SAPPHIRE and of course…EMERALD!

How Regal!

Blair’s Philosophy di Alberta Ferrett Gem: $1,595

Kenneth Cole Hidden Gem: $90

Do you have any jewel toned gems? We want to hear from you!

xoxo Lina


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  1. LOVE the emerald jacket! Looks like you could be on ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’! Love the muff as well.

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