Walking on Stilts…and Studs


During fashion week, a stylish, unique, bizarre looking shoe is key! Quite a bit of adjectives for a little shoe to fulfill, but it can be done! However, you don’t want your shoes to make your feet ache and wish to chop them off. Some shows require a bit of walking to and from, and forget about getting a cab, because there are so many people trying to get one, you are better off walking to your next destination. Well, the same day Lina bought her Emerald green gem, I found some WILD Sam Edelman Zoyla wedges dangling on the clearance shoe rack at Marshalls. Slipped them on they felt like angels! Didn’t hurt a bit! Just to make sure, I walked around the store shopping for other gems, with them on. Twenty minutes later, still felt like fluffy slippers. I yelled across the store to Lina and told her that they felt wonderful! Pretty sure I even jumped once or twice with excitement.

These 5 1/2 inch, leather studded, cut out, wedge boots were a fabulous addition to my fashion week clothing. I showed off these gems at a Vogue QVC party, the first night we arrived in NYC.

Have a look at the rest of my ensemble! The brightly colored top and jacket, paired with my liquid leggings and studded wedges was a perfect way to start out fashion week.

Quite a few people asked where I got my fabulous wedges and loud and proud I said, “Marshalls!”

These studded gems look just like mine!!

Clockwise: Jeffrey Campbell, Michael Antonia Studio, Givenchy, and of course, Sam Edelman!!

Photo Credit 1, 2, 3, 4

Kim Kardashian and Rachel Bilson love a studded shoe! Kim’s gems are by Ruthie Davis and Rachel’s are by the one and only, Christian Louboutin.

Photo Credit 1 ,2

Kim was at the same QVC party we were attending too! I bet she saw my studded gems from afar and longed to know where I got them! Well Kim, if you’re reading this, now you know!

Original Sam Edelman Gem: $225

Hidden Gem: $59.99!!

What do you think of studs? Would you wear a studded wedge? Did you happen to watch the Kardashians on QVC last week? Let us know!

Check out some live footage from the party!

Fashion Week-Vogue QVC Party


Notice a certain blue jacket in the background? Yes, a fellow fashionista had on my SAME jacket that night! What are the odds!

xoxo Carolyn

Note: If your browser is not compatible with QuickTime, please click the YouTube link below.

QVC Party-YouTube



  1. OMG Running to Bedford to scour the aisles for something similar! Those look totally walkable AND fierce ahhhhh

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