Belt It Baby!


So did you guess the second hidden gem in the last pic? It was the belt of course! But this is not just any other belt. This is a Linea Pelle original.

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What, you don’t know about Linea Pelle? YOU SHOULD!

Lucky for you, we’re here to help! Years of reading/studying fashions great publications has given us the knowledge to be able to find the big names in stores like TJ’s.

Linea Pelle uses 100% leather to make buttery soft goods for the rich and famous. These include women’s belts, handbags and accessories. There is also a men’s collection.

Here are some of my favorite celebs rocking Linea Pelle! Victoria Beckham and Audrina Partridge shown below. The list of celebrities who love this name are endless and go from Oprah Winfrey to Miley Cyrus to Sandra Bullock.

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My sister stumbled upon this gem at TJ Maxx. When she handed it to me it was love at first sight! Then I saw the LP imprinted on the flip side and I knew it was made for me. Hello, we have the same initials… it was meant to be!

Gem: $210.00

Hidden Gem: $16.99

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xoxo Lina


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