One Word. HALSTON.


I was going through the schedule, checking out what fashion week shows I would be attending, when I stumbled upon the date, Monday, September 13th. What show was this you ask? Let me fill you in….it was HALSTON!!! Yes, Halston Heritage. The brand Rachel Zoe would “DIE” for and who SJP designs for!! I couldn’t believe it! Immediately, thoughts of outfits starting flowing through my head. Should I rent a Halston dress or wear one of my own dresses? Whatever the outfit be, I knew jewelry had to be the focus. Halston is known for it’s 1970′s fashion, equipped with lots of vintage jewels. Browsing through my closet, I saw a fabulous black belt, with black jewels set in gold. That was the start of my Halston ensemble.

Don’t you think my belt resembles this cuff by the fabulous R. Zoe!?

When I initially purchased this magical belt, it only fit around my hips, which meant I could only wear it with jeans and a shirt tucked in. I really REALLY wanted to wear the belt with this fabulous onesie I had dangling in my closet, but that would mean I would need to wear it around my waist. Then a genius idea popped into my head! I’ll just get the belt tailored! And that’s just what I did. Two days before leaving for fashion week, I dropped my belt off at my tailor to be taken in.
I paired my fabulous, 70′s inspired belt with a mustard gold and black onesie, tons of chunky gold bangles, and a pair of special black wedges. Guess Rachy had the same idea!

Halston’s most desired belt is their gold, double sash, Obi Belt…

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This belt is quite fabulous however, I prefer my hidden gem a bit more. And what do ya know…another onesie!

Halston’s Belt Gem: $195

Hidden Gem: $12.99!!

Hands down…my favorite outfit of the trip! I was even asked if I worked for Halston!!
Do you love Halston? Have any vintage belts? Obsessed with onesie’s like the rest of the nation? Leave it in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn


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