Sole Mates


If you are anything like us, you can never get enough Halston!

Did you just absolutely love Carolyn’s belt? So chic. So you might be wondering where we got other pieces of our gorgeous ensemble…. How about the shoes?

While shopping on a sunny Saturday this summer, we stumbled upon some amazing espadrilles at Marshalls. Yes that’s right we. There were two lonely pairs of HALSTON black espadrille wedges sitting in the clearance shoe department. I spotted mine first and began to try them on. When Carolyn looked over, she knew I had spotted a GEM! She called for me but the only thing that I was focused on were these wedged wonders! When I finally snapped out of my Halston Haze, I called to Carolyn “Halston!” and held up my leg to expose my exquisite espadrilles that I refused to remove from my feet. She ran to her size and there they were waiting for her. Again, fit like a glove! There where two pairs of Halston wedges on the entire rack. Coincidence? I think not! We skipped up to the register wearing our sky high espadrilles. Luck for us, they felt more like Dr. Scholls!

So we get to the register to discover the price of these sweet gems.

Take a guess!

Original Gem: $285

Hidden Gem: $15

That’s not where the story ends though. How lucky are we that we actually got to wear our Halston H.Gem to the line’s Show during Fashion Week! Cue to flash our footwear!

We weren’t the only fashionistas enjoying the Halston Presentation. We were joined by some of our favorite celebs…


SARAH JESSICA PARKER. Creative Consultant of Halston Heritage.

JOE ZEE. Editor of Elle Magazine.

Stay Tuned… Hidden Gems just wrapped their first Fall Fashion Photoshoot!

xoxo Lina



    • Thanks for your comment! Those are the only pics of our Halsty wedges but head over to Marshalls and check to see if they are still available! They were so comfortable for the show!

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