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Alice + Olivia gems are always popping up at TJ’s…especially their EXQUISITE leggings! I have seen suede leggings, two-toned leggings, and my personal favorite, SEQUIN LEGGINGS. Typically, Alice + Olivia leggings have a bit of a steep price that accompany their beauty. Most of you may be thinking, “Why the hell would I spend bags of gold on something I would wear once or twice to a party at night?” Well let me say that not only did I get my new Alice + Olivia, army green, sequin leggings for an unbelievable price, I wore them during the day!! And I don’t mean I wore them at 4pm…I’m talking 10am-10pm. THE WHOLE DAY!

What are the odds that I was able to find an army green top with gold shimmer that matches my leggings perfectly!!??

Found another fan of these leggings on LookBook.nu!

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Isabel Marant recently sent these delicious leggings down the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

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Blake Lively rocked some Isabel Marant, blue sequin leggings, while strolling at Marquee’s Nightclub in Las Vegas with Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine.

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And have a look at these wild leggings from Tight Tigers!! This site even offers sequin capes!!

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Original Alice + Olivia Gem: $245

Hidden Gems: $34!!!

Are you a fan of sequin leggings?! Do you have Alice + Olivia gems from TJ’s? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn



  1. I totally saw these at TJ’s and said I want to be the type of person who wears these….but I am not, clearly they were meant for you! I love the gold oxfords too-Aldo? I think I have the same pair!

    • YES! Got them from Aldo last year and for a steal! Alice + Olivia have a new selection of gems at our favorite TJ’s (Fresh Pond)! Army green galore!

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