A Girl and her Pearls!


Sure diamonds are divine, but pearls hold a precious place in every girl’s heart. They are classic and timeless! Proven to withstand every fashion trend, generation to generation. Coco Chanel can be thanked for making your mom’s pearls the “it” accessory, and that mindset continues today.

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Chanel recently launched a Pearl Eyewear Collection that would make any fashionista fall in love! Sunglasses and other eyewear adorned with pearls! How perfect! I had been eyeing them for a while; holding back since I recently got a brown pair with gold quilting. But hey, just because I already ordered, doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu!

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Our first stop in the big city? TJ Maxx of course! I spotted these gems at the register! I recognized them from countless Chanel ads! Something was different though. There was one row a pearls missing. Turns out they are by Esprit! I loved them anyway! They had that classic black frame and the delicate pearl accent; everything I loved about Chanel’s version, but for a fraction of the price! They were a pair of sunglasses that I could wear without fear of scratching or breaking them!

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Heidi Montag loves her Chanel Pearl Collection Sunglasses!

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My take on the trend with Esprit sunnies!

Chanel Gem: $350.00

Esprit Hidden Gem: $9.99

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xoxo Lina


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