The McQueen of Clutches


Like most of my peers, I am constantly looking for a great clutch to use when going out. The criteria: something that will hold the smartphone of choice, lipgloss, ID’s and cash. If you have had bad experiences with other clutches in the past you may be looking for one with some sort of steady closure. There is nothing worse than dropping your clutch in a dark club and having to pick up your valuables with the light of your phone as the only guide. I have the clutch! Alexander McQueen’s Skull Knuckle Duster. I know it sounds a bit intense, but intriguing.

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It comes in a variety of fabrics and designs to match every outfit. This is not just your regular clutch ladies. It has four open loops for your fingers, allowing you to carry it all night with ease. The tops of these loops are embellished with skulls and gems; hence the name “Skull Knuckle Duster.” This is one fierce clutch! I saw it in the window of the Alexander McQueen NY store during last years fashion week and have been pining for it ever since. There was just something so intriguing about this beautiful yet edgy gem.

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You may be thinking to yourself, “Have I seen this before?” Maybe on Jessica Seinfeld, Kim Kardashian, Stephanie Pratt,and the list goes on.

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So you can imagine my surprise when I spotted a replica at Marshalls in Burlington, Ma! Sure it did not have all the skulls and gems on it but the design was a good match for me. Carolyn and I both purchased the! I got a silver-tone and Carolyn’s is a goldish-tone. We intend on brainstorming and perhaps adding a little skull candy of our own to them. You have to love a custom clutch!

Alexander McQueen Gem: $1,760 and up!

Hidden Gem: $19.99

Are you a fan of Alexander McQueen’s work? Spotted any pieces of his at TJ’s or Marshalls? Would you personalize your McQueen clutch with some skull jewels? Tell us in the comments!

xoxo Lina


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