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With all this rainy weather, it is almost impossible not to daydream about a vacation! Whether you are heading to Europe, a tropical island or sunny California, there is one thing that you can not travel without… a passport wallet. With strict travel rules in place, it is important to be organized. You do not want to fumbling through your purse looking for your passport, license, boarding pass and credit cards. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all these things in one place!

This Sicura Passport Wallet can do all this and more! I love the metallic design and embossed message on the front. It has a precious crown and a direct request “UPGRADE ME.” You know the old saying, ask and you shall receive!

Wouldn’t that be the royal treatment!

The inside boasts many compartments! It is great because there is a place for everything that you need! Another great feature is the zipper closure for extra security. It is just perfect! I cant wait to plan a trip so that I can use it!

It also comes in gold, pink and blue metallic!

Compare this to Elaine Turner’s passport holder.

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Elaine Turner’s Passport Gem: $125.00

Hidden Gem: $6.99

Taking a trip soon? Do you have a travel gem that you love? We would love to hear from you! Please share your gems!

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