Feeling Blue…in a great way!


New York Fashion Week was so much fun! The shows, the people, and of course the clothes! The collections were gorgeous, but what was just as amazing were the clothing the attendees wore!

During New York Fashion, you need to go big or go home. Don’t even think about packing a pair of jeans and a shirt- that just won’t cut it. You need to think outside of the box…in a big way! My Fashion’s Night Out outfit was just that! I got to wear my favorite pair of wild capris from Urban Outfitters!

A sea of cobalt blue! The color for this fall! My ensemble consisted of a cobalt blue bolero jacket, a chiffon, peacock printed blouse, cobalt blue capri jeans (matches the jacket-purchased at different stores!), spiked flats, a statement necklace, and a teal clutch!

Cobalt blue was the favorite color on the red carpet for Uma Thurman, Blake Lively, and Jessica Alba!

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Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Hilary Duff got on board with the bright colored trend!

Photo Credit 1, 2, 3

Blake Lively’s Tibi Capri Gem: $250

Urban Outfitters Hidden Gem: $49

What do you think about my Fashion’s Night Out outfit? Do you like the colored pants trend? Would you wear a suit of cobalt blue like me? We want to hear in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn


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