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A great shoe is key for the insane amount of foot traveling you will do during New York Fashion Week. I couldn’t wear boots because it was still quite hot out and do you really think I would be caught dead in a pair of flip flops around the city?? Never! What if I happened to run into Patricia Field, costume designer for Sex and the City , on the street?

To our amazement, we actually did run into her and I was so happy to be wearing these fabulous new spiked loafers! 

I picked up these Sam Edelman beauties right before I left for New York at a store in Newport, RI called Kristina Richards!

Christian Louboutin makes a similar pair of spiked gems!

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These celebs love a spiked pair of flats. Even Kanye rocks them!

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¬†These shoes were pretty much a staple for all of my NYFW outfits. I based every outfit I wore around these beauties. They came with me on the Sex and the City tour, during Fashion’s Night Out, and shopping around SoHo!

Christian Louboutin Gem: $995

Sam Edelman Hidden Gem: $150

What do you think about a spiked shoe? How would you wear them? Do you like the loafer style for the fall or do you feel too much like Hugh Hefner? Tell us in the comments!

To see more Sam Edelman gems like mine visit:


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  1. I love these and have been craving a pair. Needing a good pair of flats for 8hr+ retail work days. Are they fairly comfy?



    • Glad you love them! I pair them with everything! They are pretty comfortable. I recommend wearing them around the house for the day to break them in first and then wear them at work. This will just help get your feet get adjusted to the fabulous shoes they’ll be wearing all the time!!

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