Little Black Pumps


We all love a little black dress, but what about little black PUMPS! They are such a classic shoe, every girl should have a pair in their closet. These gems go with everything! Really! Try to think of one outfit where a black pump would not work….you can’t! I got a pair of Jessica Simpson’s sky-high black pumps from TJ’s not too long ago. When I saw them, I slipped them on and just my luck….they felt like I was wearing Nike sneakers. I walked around the store in them to make sure they still felt like sneaks and thankfully, they didn’t hurt a bit!

Go casual and pair your black pumps with jeans, a tank, and blazer, like Kim K. or dress them up with a little black dress, like Hayden Penieattiere.

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Take a look at these pumps……look similar to mine don’t you think? However, they aren’t the same brand. These are by Sergio Rossi!

My black pumps were paired with a full, knee length, khaki skirt, a black three-quarter length shirt, and a vintage necklace. This outfit looks like a look that the style director of Mad Men would put on one of their actresses. So 1950′s-esque!

Look-a-like Gem: $1,100…wow.

Hidden Gem: $39.99

What’s your favorite outfit to wear with black pumps? Do you have any J.Simpson shoes? Do you love my Mad Men look? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn

*Hair and make-up styled by Salon Sei Bella*

*Photography by Clement Hsu*



  1. Hi Carolyn,

    This is my favorite hidden gem. I should share with you a few of my hidden gems. The boots I have on now are by Roberto Del Carlo, originally $310, TJs $39.99!

    Love your website! It’s very polished and professional looking. Keep it up.

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