Kitty Cat-Eye Sunnies


On my flight to Paris I picked up some magazines to make the time fly… literally. Anyway, one of the best magazines I found was the June/July issue of Harper’s Bazaar. It had the Editor’s choice for best accessories! I love that they pick the best of the best for us to swoon over and dream of splurging on. I flipped when I saw the “Cat’s Eyes” choices that they had selected! GORG. Have to have them. I’m a brunette so I love a tortoise shell frame for my sunnies!

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Alexander McQueen’s shades. RIP A.McQ. Carolyn and I went to a show during NYC’s Fashion Week that did a tribute to the great designer. Anywho, ever since his unfortunate passing, we think that anything that he has created should be treated like a rare work of art!

Alexander McQueen

Lucky for me a found a pair in a Connecticut Marshalls that mimicked his genius gem, for a fracti
on of the price.

Franco Sarto Sunnies

Gem: $325

Hidden Gem: $9.99

…that’s a 97% price difference!

Tell us about your look-a-like hidden gems from TJ’s and MARSHALLS!

xox Lina


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