Chase the Lace


A hot trend for this season is LACE. And why wouldn’t it be, it is elegant and timeless! To me it can be worked into every season. Paired with a skirt in the spring, a pair of white shorts in the summer, a blazer in the fall, and with tuxedo pants in the winter!

It can be spotted all over the streets of New York and the runway of course!

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Carolyn got racy in black lacy at the Agent Provacateur NYC store opening!

Black lace has a great chic and sultry feel, especially when worn over neutral garments.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, looked stunning in a navy lace dress!

You can imagine my excitement when I found a similar top at H&M in NYC! So chic and regal! A navy lace top was the perfect edition to my lace and Kate Middleton obsession!

Kate’s Erdem Lace Dress: about¬†¬£1,500

H&M Hidden Gem: $24.95

Have you purchased any lace this season?

Share it with us!

xoxo Lina


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