Have a Hippie Halloween!


So I needed to whip up a Halloween costume for this weekend and since I despise going into those Halloween shops because everything is made from the itchiest material known to man, I decided to go shopping at my favorite store…MY CLOSET!

I channeled my inner 70′s and found some awesome pieces for my costume from my closet! The best part is that I wear all of these items in my everyday life!

Can’t have enough of these bangling beauties!

How That 70′s Show is this picture?

Typical Halloween Costume Gem: $45-90

Hippie Hidden Gem: No cost! Just a little closet digging!

What are you guys being for Halloween? Do you think that I look like I should be hanging with Kelso and Hyde in Forman’s basement? Perhaps I would be better suited in an Anthropologie¬†catalog.

xoxo Carolyn 


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