The Stone Age



St. Barths calls for the beachiest of looks!

I knew I couldn’t be wearing heavy, dark chunky necklaces when I was there because my look would scream East Coast and I wanted to blend with the locals!

When I went to NYC a few weeks ago, I found a DE-LI-CIOUS stone cuff that I had seen walk down the runway at one of that fashion shows in September…clearly I had to have it!

I’m obsessed with the green/gold combo!

This pendant was being displayed outside a store in SB!

While perusing some St. Barths shops, I came across some AMAZING agate stone necklaces! 

St. Barths Stone Gems: 255 € aka $345!!

NYC Stone Hidden Gem: $13

Are you loving the stone trend? Would you wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or both?

xoxo Carolyn


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