Chambray? OK!


Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find a chic, comfortable outfit to wear for a relaxed night out with friends. 

Well I took on the challenge and found a magnificent shirt to complete my look!

A chambray shirt.

I paired my this MEN’S chambray shirt with black leggings, black glittered Sperry’s, and a diamond necklace!

Model Anja Rubik’s favorite color must be chambray. She’s worn a few chambray colored shirts to multiple Fashion Week shows!

And she looks fabulous in all of them!

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

Anja’s Chambray Gems: $255

Hidden Gem: $29.99

Are you a fan of the chambray trend? Do you own any chambray items? Would you wear a men’s shirt?

xoxo Carolyn



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