Day or Night, A Colored Tight


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When the fall roles around, everyone always assumes that their wardrobe needs to shift to neutral colors; black, beige, brown…BORING! Don’t get me wrong, I love a neutral canvas, but just because the weather turns gloomy, doesn’t mean you have to too!! The best way to spice up a look during these cold months…BRIGHT TIGHTS! Throw on a pair of pink tights under a black miniskirt and add some short black booties and you’ll have a fabulous, toasty outfit for a night out. A pair of blue tights under a beige trench coat…fabulous for a dreary, rainy day! The number one spot to find fun, funky tights would be American Apparel, however I scooped up 2 pairs of bright blue and purple, Betsey Johnson tights from TJ’s!

These wild gems hit the Milly runway for Fall 2010!

The ladies of Gossip Girl are huge fans of the colored tights trend!

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So Blair Waldorf!! My first look, I paired my purple tights with a pink, olive, and orange plaid jacket and some brown, laced heels. My second look, I paired my blue tights with a printed tank (Look Familiar?), a blue and gold raincoat, my gold oxfords, and some chunky gold bangles.

Milly Gems: $24

Hidden Gem: 2 for $5.99!!!

What’s your favorite color tights to wear during the fall? Do you have a particular day/night outfit you like to wear with your colored gems? How about Gossip Girl looks? Does Blair inspire you to put on a pair of blood red tights? Leave it in the comments!

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