Cute as a Button!


Alice + Olivia, aka designer Stacey Bendet, makes some of the cutest dresses I have ever seen!

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this dress hanging on the clearance, runway rack at TJ Maxx! I am absolutely obsessed with long sleeve, micro-mini dresses! I just love seeing my favorite designer pieces waiting for me at my favorite stomping grounds. Alice + Olivia dresses are perfect for numerous occasions. Stacey Bendet makes the ultimate party dresses for fashion’s elite! Now people like you and I can enjoy looking like a fashionista on a maxxinista’s budget :)

The button, jewel, and sequin details are exquisite! They trim the collar and sleeves of the dress and give an ordinary brown dress an exciting twist. This sleek “chocolate” brown dress has an empire waist, which can be flattering to many shapes and sizes. The color is rich and can act as a neutral without being a typical boring black.

Alice + Olivia Gem: $440.00

Hidden Gem: $89.00

Not bad for a jeweled masterpiece!

It’s that 70′s look about it that I can’t get enough of!

Do you have an embellished mini dress? How about a vinty-piece from mom’s closet. Tell us about it! Comment below!

xoxo Lina

*Hair and make-up styled by Salon Sei Bella*

*Photography by Clement Hsu*


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