Perfect Pearl


During our recent trip to NYC, we had been out all day and started to get a bit tired, so to fuel up we went to H&M and decided to purchase some treats for ourselves. Nothing says nourishment like clothes!

This pearl shirt seemed to be the perfect mate to my red skinny jeans and blood orange, ostrich Kate Spade heels!

Diane von Furstenburg sent a stunning outfit down her Fall 2012 runway. This shimmery, pearl shirt reminded me of my own! Which is fabulous because it means I can wear my little beauty this summer AND this fall! Yayyy!

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Diesal Black and Gold even sent “my shirt” down the runway for their Spring 2012 collection!

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DVF Gem: $285+

Hidden Gem: $29.99

Have you picked up any great spring/summer tops yet? Tell us in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn


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