Toasty Technology

Imagine tweeting, facebooking, texting, calling, snapping a picture, and trying to gather up cash for a pair of fabulous shades on Canal Street. Sounds like QUITE a hassle. Oh and add freezing to the list. I was not about to let this torture happen to me for my mini weekend vacay to NYC.

A few weeks ago, my mom brought me home some echo gloves she thought we compliment a winter jacket I own. Thinking they were any other pair of gloves, I thanked her and went on with my day. Well, when I tried them on I discovered that these gloves were not your typical hand warmers; they are touch screen/texting gloves!

These echo gloves are from Nordstrom and when I found out they were on sale, I had to scoop up two more colors of tech gloves!

Original Nordstrom echo Tech Gloves price: $38

Sale Price: $14.50

What’s your favorite color? Do you think tech gloves are the best thing invented?

Remember: Don’t Text and Drive

xoxo Carolyn


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