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You asked for it. So here it is. A post every reader can enjoy. For this holiday season, there’s really no competition in terms of the hottest gift. It’s everyone’s favorite touch screen computer… the iPad! I was planning on getting a certain someone on my Christmas list the iPad. You can imagine just my excitement when I saw a flyer on the entrance door of TJ Maxx indicating that they had the iPad available at a discounted price. That’s right people, no standing in line at midnight to get your hands on the seasons holiday gift for less!

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We usually discuss the best ways to accessorize your hidden gem… but instead I’ll go over some of the specs for all you techies out there. First of all, the iPad that I purchased was a 16GB iPad with 3G WiFi. This wonderful piece of machinery is just magical. It measures in at 9.7 inches, lightweight and ultra portable! Its capabilities are endless! It allows you to surf the web, email, purchase and enjoy countless apps, including kindle books. I even saw a commercial that used the iPad to search TV listings and can even be used to change the channel.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone on your list!

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Now I am on the search for a designer cover for my new gem! Wish me luck!

Gem: $499.00

Hidden Gem: $399.99

You just saved almost $100.00 dollars for just purchasing your iPad at TJ’s instead of the mall! Lucky You!

By the way, if you used the TJX Rewards MasterCard you would have earned 1,995 points which would have another 5 points and you would receive a $20 TJX Reward Certificate. It would be like taking another $20 off your purchase!

Thanks TJ’s for making Christmas shopping soooo easy!

xoxo Lina


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