SEE-quin You in the New Year!


It’s New Years Eve and you know what that means? Yes, it means fun parties and a smooch at midnight, but it also means a stress-filled day of asking the question, “WHAT DO I WEAR TONIGHT!!??”. Well I have got the answer for you! For those of you that are living in New England, you were clearly victim to the copious amounts of snow Mother Nature so thoughtfully gave us last weekend. And going out on the town tonight may be a bit chilly. I have found the perfect statement piece that will keep you toasty and stylish. A sequin cardigan.

I was shopping the racks at TJ’s earlier this week, when I came across a gem I had been eye-balling for literally 3 months. A Robert Rodriguez emerald green, sequin cardigan. I saw it in the “Off the Runway” section at TJ’s months ago and it was a somewhat steep price. I had to talk myself out of this $120 gem because I knew Christmas was coming and perhaps I would ask for it then. Went back a few weeks later, my gem was no where to be found….until earlier this week. Perusing the clearance rack with Nana and my sister, I saw the R.Rodriguez gem hanging there. The best part is, there was a magical red sticker covering the purple price tag. Naturally, I let out a scream of excitement.

Pair this cardigan with a scoop neck, fitted black tank, some tight black skinny jeans, knee high black boots (in case you need to walk through any snow) or black pumps, and top off your look with either a chunky, sparkly necklace or sparkly silver, dangle earrings. Remember it’s NYE, so their is never too much sparkle on this night!

These celebs love to spice up their looks with some sequins.

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My sister and I at the Boston Pops. Trecked through the Blizzard of 2010 to arrive!

Original Robert Gem: $341

Hidden Gem: $40!!!

Big plans for tonight? What do you think about this outfit for NYE? Have you had your outfit picked out for weeks? Let us know in the comments!

For more Robert Rodriguez gems, go to:

Happy New Year!

xoxo Carolyn


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