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AHHHH! We’re sorry there has not been a new post in over a week!! Lina and I were mingling with the fashion elite!! But we are back in action!

Unfortunately, Fashion Week has come to an end for Lina and I, but we come back with many pictures and some great gems! The next few posts will be about Hidden Gems that we wore to this year’s Fashion Week! I hope you love them as much as we do!

I used to believe that Calvin Klein clothing was aimed at more of an adult crowd, but I’m 21 and found a fabulous gem, age appropriate! I am SO excited for Calvin Klein’s new fall 2010 line! What’s even more exciting is that I already own my first piece of his collection! A black vertical sheath, double exposed zipper dress!!
The exposed zipper is making a comeback in a BIG way. We have seen the exposed zipper in past runways in collections such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Narciso Rodriguez, and Michael Kors.
Here Philly Lim takes his love for zippers to the extreme!

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I can definitely see myself wearing this next collection! Very structured and put together! Pefect for the office…not that I go to an office, but if I did, I would rock these outfits!

Let me introduce you to my newest fall ensemble….

This dress also comes with a story……

In Newport, I obviously had to hit a TJ’s. So that’s just what my mom and I did early one Sunday morning. We were there for about an hour and a half and found many amazing hidden gems! Buried deep in the rack was a size 6 CK dress! It was FABULOUS! The unique double exposed zippers going up the front of the dress won me over! I slipped it on and it fit like a dream!! However, with my overload of gems I had to “edit.” Love this, need this, can live without that, want this, toss that and after about 20 minutes of squeezing my CK dress, I had to leave it behind. I could already feel my credit card getting upset with me, so with some will power, I gently hung up Calvin’s masterpiece and waved a tearful goodbye. My mom told me I had made a huge mistake! On the way home, all I could think about was the dress I had abandoned! How could I have done such a thing! After a few sleepless nights, my dad had told me he was going to Newport for business and said he could swing by TJ Maxx and pick up the dress, pending it was still there. I called up the store and spoke with Claire. She was a sweet angel and told me that they had the dress and she would hold it until the following morning! I’m thinking about sending her a fruit basket for all her help.
The next day my dad went and picked up my awaiting gem. To make sure it was the right dress, I had my dad snap a pic of my CK dress, just for confirmation. Well, here is the pic he took….

I should send this woman a fruit basket also for putting up with my dad!

After purchasing my gem, you can imagine the gasp I let out when I was flipping through Marie Claire just days after the purchase and stumbled upon this CK ad! MY DRESS!!

I thought there was no better place to flaunt this Hidden Gem, than the QVC runway show we attended this past weekend! I had my tailor hem the dress a few inches, to give my gem more of a night time/cocktail party feel.

This is quite a special gem because not only did I get to show it off to the fabulous, Rachel Zoe (who might I add is IN LOVE with the Calvin Kelin brand), but also because I got this dress at a gem of a price!!

Original Gem: $128

Hidden Gem: $49.99

And there ya go! My long journey with my now favorite, Calvin Klein dress!

Do you enjoy Calvin Klein’s new fall collection? Or have you rocked the zipper trend lately? Tell us about it!! Leave a comment OR follow us on Twitter: HiddenGemsBlog.

xoxo Carolyn


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