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What’s that you ask? Where did that delicious looking silk jacket come from in the previous post? Where else?! When I saw this jacket billowing on the clearance rack, one rainy Sunday night, I knew I had to adopt it. This oyster colored, silk-cotton blend jacket feels like a dream! And even better, the designer of my new angel is Yoana Baraschi. She is a fabulous designer, but her gems tend to be a bit pricey, so my Visa and I were a little nervous. Well needless to say, I handed that little plastic rectangle to the cashier and she was mine!

This gem was also worn to Sunday Brunch. while Lina was wearing her own gem. I paired my jacket with some black leggings, black flats, and a leopard print scarf (Fall trend. Keep your eyes peeled)!

Hanging on the clearance rack next to my jacket was a matching dress!! Unfortunately, TJ’s did not have my size, but guess who’s size they did have? LINA’s!!! She scooped it up!
Lina wore this matching dress to a friend’s wedding. She accessorized the dress with a gold cuff, a Gucci clutch, and her vintage Christian Louboutin heels!
Guiliana Rancic, a host of E! News and Fashion Police, is also wearing Lina’s Yoana gem in a candy apple red! DEEELICIOUS!

The dress in this next picture is also by Yoana Baraschi! The picture appeared in People magazine this past August. I should offer her my silk jacket! Exact match!

Other fan’s of Yoana’s designs include Heidi Klum, Rachel Bilson, and Sienna Miller!

My hidden gem was perfect for visiting Lincoln Center! This picture of me in my jacket, in front of the MB Fashion Week sign is sure to be framed and placed on the mantel!

Original Gem: $500!!! Yikes!

Hidden Gem: $30!!!!!

Can you believe it! What a deal! And if you are wondering about how much Lina got her H. Gem for… was $29!!! I know! I know! Amazing!!

For more on Yoana Baraschi, check out her site!

Do you have any silk gems of your own? If so, how do you rock the look? Let us know in the comments!

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xoxo Carolyn


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