No Hassle Tassel


Being Awards Season, I felt inspired to go shopping for some red carpet jewels…you know, just in case I go to the Oscars one day.

Lina and I found some fabulous earrings at the TJ’s counter a few weeks ago. Two pairs of tassel earrings. A silver pair and a gold pair. What can I say, I couldn’t decide! So I had to scoop up both.

 I wore my silver pair to the Rock & Republic for Kohls show!

Heather Morris, while she was chewed up and spit out on Fashion Police for her outfit at the SAG Awards, I was IN LOVE with her earrings. And of course I would be; I had just purchased my tassel earrings a few days earlier.

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The gold pair was saved for the fabulous Catherine Malandrino presentation.

What do you think of tassel earrings? Do you think they look chic on your ears or should they be left for the ends of curtains? Do you like Heather Morris’ dangling jewels? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn

Match the Jewels

Golden Globes 2012

So we all watched the Golden Globe Awards last night, but did you pay close attention to the jewels our favorite stars wore?

We challenge you…

Can you match these jewels to their owner?

 Post your answers in the comments section.

Whoever is the first to match all six jewels correctly will win a sparkly accessory of their own!

 The winner will be announced on our Facebook page

Tuesday, January 17 at 3pm

Good Luck!

xoxo CL

Longing for Leopard


Leopard print have been splashing all over the runways this season. Add a little print on your jacket, shoes, pants, even your nails! But my recent leopard purchase was found at TJ’s on a Cynthia Rowley purse!

Other fabulous designers that are head over heels for leopard include:

Jimmy Choo

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Tory Burch

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DVF Leopard Gem: $1,200

Cynthia Rowley Hidden Gems: $109

Are you a fan of leopard? How do you wear leopard? Let us know in the comments!

 xoxo Carolyn