Oh So Orange


The weather outside has been wild! One day it’s 45 degrees and the next it’s 82! Mother Nature is one silly chick. 

I’ve been resurrecting last years spring items and when I took out this magical, neon orange, sheer dress from H&M, my excitement for the warmer months was in full effect!

I have literally worn this dress to as many events, dinners, etc. as I possibly could and I plan on wearing it the same amount, if not more this year. It’s a summer staple!

Here I’m wearing it to the Camp Rock premiere in NYC. The Jonas Brothers thought I was quite a catch. And how Disney’ish do I look!?

These next two have me wearing my orange dream in Puerto Rico. The dress looks so Caribbean chic with a gold, petal necklace, a green, agate cuff, and gold sandals. 

Tangerine and neon oranges splashed the runway way for this spring!!


Check out this similar dress from Urban Outfitters!

Urban Outfitters Gem: $69 (comes in variety of colors)

H&M Hidden Gem: $35

Do you have a colorful dress ready for the warm weather? Tell us in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn

Guest Post-Lissy

Guest Writer

My Kind of Hidden Gem

When the gals from Hidden Gems contacted me to do a guest post, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I met them last year at a TJ Maxx preview event and was so taken with their prowess in the bargain hunting arena. When I thought about doing some kind of hidden gem type of post, I had to think about how my shopping style fits in with theirs. It dawned on me that my kind of hidden gems are those that are right in front of your face every day. You just have to find them, notice them and cultivate them. My personal hidden gem is the shoe department at Saks. Saks, you say? Yes, Saks.

I know that Saks does not have a bargain hunting reputation but I have found plenty of bargains to be had there. The key is to know when they are having their big sales or friends and family events and it doesn’t hurt to have a fabulous shoe sales gal to alert you to such events. On a recent jaunt to the Saks shoe department, I got two pairs of very high end shoes, each for about a third of its original price.

The first was the YSL calf hair animal print Tribtoo. Oh how I love the sky high heel and the exaggerated platform! These are definitely what I call “sitting” shoes. They’re not my typical prance about town shoe but they are super fabulous.

The next bargain was the Christian Louboutin suede ankle wrapped bootie, also for about a third of its original price. Who doesn’t love a red soled bootie, especially this one with its classic high heel but also with the edge of the straps?! 

Well there you have it darling readers. My hidden gem is really my sales gal at Saks. She is a true gem and everyone should have someone to bring such bargains to her attention. Happy shopping all!


A Girl in Boston

Have a Hippie Halloween!


So I needed to whip up a Halloween costume for this weekend and since I despise going into those Halloween shops because everything is made from the itchiest material known to man, I decided to go shopping at my favorite store…MY CLOSET!

I channeled my inner 70′s and found some awesome pieces for my costume from my closet! The best part is that I wear all of these items in my everyday life!

Can’t have enough of these bangling beauties!

How That 70′s Show is this picture?

Typical Halloween Costume Gem: $45-90

Hippie Hidden Gem: No cost! Just a little closet digging!

What are you guys being for Halloween? Do you think that I look like I should be hanging with Kelso and Hyde in Forman’s basement? Perhaps I would be better suited in an Anthropologie catalog.

xoxo Carolyn