Ready for Red


Winter in New Englad is winding down (if you even want to say we had a winter) and that means our coveted coats are going on sale.

Before I jetsetted to NYC, I ran to TJ’s and found this coat that I had been eyeing for a month on clearance! I jumped for joy, while my sister looked at me like I had six heads.

This red Poleci coat with hidden buttons got set up on a date with fur ear muffs, a fur neck wrap, red skinny jeans, and matching red gloves. You may being saying “a bit much with the red”, but at Fashion Week, anything goes. Really. I saw a man in an ankle length, white fur coat.

Don’t I look so toasty warm at the Moncler Grenoble fashion show…on ice!

Lucky for me, red jackets are H-O-T for this fall. Obviously going to be storing this precious garment away for the fall months.

DVF sent this masterpiece down the runway. Notice the hidden buttons

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And how about Catherine Malandrino’s take on a red jacket. Also, hidden buttons.

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Original Poleci Gem: $179

Hidden Gem: $79

Would you wear a bright red coat? How about an all red ensemble? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn

Longing for Leopard


Leopard print have been splashing all over the runways this season. Add a little print on your jacket, shoes, pants, even your nails! But my recent leopard purchase was found at TJ’s on a Cynthia Rowley purse!

Other fabulous designers that are head over heels for leopard include:

Jimmy Choo

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Tory Burch

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DVF Leopard Gem: $1,200

Cynthia Rowley Hidden Gems: $109

Are you a fan of leopard? How do you wear leopard? Let us know in the comments!

 xoxo Carolyn