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So I have a thing for shoes. Luxury shoes. And by a thing, I mean, if shoes had rights they would easily be entitled to some sort of restraining order against me. We are talking stage five clinger. And while this obsession is unhealthy for so many other reasons (as in I have borderline OCD), the main problem is the damage this obsession can do to my pocketbook. Think Carrie Bradshaw: “I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes.” So in order to prevent my husband from going bonko, I have to stalk these babies out for prices that don’t give one heart palpitations.

Which brings me to my gems. Three pairs of shoes bought on three separate shopping occasions, all three purchased at three different Barney’s New York Outlets. Now there are days when I go to the outlet and the only footwear available bear Barney’s own brand name (which are pretty fabulous on their own accord). But, the Barney’s Outlet is the only outlet store I have ever been in where, if you come at the right time on the right day, dozens of fabulous luxury shoes are on display at deeply discounted prices.


So just what type of markdowns are we talking about here? Think the Barney’s Warehouse Sale plus, plus. Don’t believe me? Here is my proof:

 From left to right: Alexander Wang lace-up sandals – regularly priced $695. My price? $269. Manolo Blahnik sandals – regularly priced $695. My price? Under $200. And my most prized gem: Christian Louboutin booties – regularly priced $1,050. My price? Under $200. NO JOKE. Although, I am pretty sure I was the beneficiary of a pricing mistake made on that last pair, but that story is for another time…

So for less than the cost of ONE pair of these babies, I nabbed three. And each time I had to play eeinie-meenie-miney-moe to decide what pair to get. Alexander Wang had a tough battle this last trip. There were some Dries Van Noten sandals that I still dream about at night. Anyway, you are looking at the winners. What? Do you know a better way to make that kind of a choice? It’s like picking your favorite child! Or so I imagine…

The point of all this? Get thee to a Barney’s New York Outlet. Be tenacious. Be patient. And prepare yourself for some tough decisions…


The Law of Fashion 

Ostrich Orange



While the Wrentham Outlets can make one pass out from the overwhelming amount of great deals they offer, they sure are a must go-to spot for the holiday season (hopefully none of you went on Black Friday though…yikes).

Lina and I ventured there before St. Barths and popped into the Kate Spade outlet.

Well we almost got escorted out of the store for shrieking with excitement. One corner there was 40% off of purses and I turn around and the shoes are 70% off the sale price!!! I had to sit down and catch my breath before an ambulance was called.

Lina convinced me to get these bright orange ostrich patterned heels. I wasn’t sure where I would be able to wear these angels, but luckily I found the perfect outfit to wear them with… 

Definitely incorporating these sweet dreams into my winter wardrobe…I’ll keep you posted on how.

Michael Kors did a whole line of Ostrich Orange bags for his fall 2011 collection!

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Kate Spade Original Gem: $265

Kate Spade Hidden Gem: $39.99

How do you feel about ostrich details? Would you wear bright orange for the fall/winter?

xoxo Carolyn

Craving Cobalt


By now, I’m sure you all must know that I’m OBSESSED with cobalt blue for fall. I mean just look at my Fashion’s Night Out outfit from September. Ok…well I nearly passed out in the middle of Ann Taylor when I came across these shoes that had me drooling!

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Dying for this cobalt blue and black sweater too!

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Alice and Olivia have some delish cobalt blue fur angels for their Fall 2011 collection too!

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Alice and Olivia Gem: $550

Ann Taylor Hidden Gem: $248

Ok…so the Ann Taylor shoes aren’t five dollars, BUT you could wear them all winter long! And come on…they are blue fur wedges! Go a little wild, will ya! Definitely on my Christmas list!

xoxo Carolyn