Yippee for Yellow


As Brad Goreski calls it, a “POC”.

In case you  missed Brad’s new show It’s a Brad, Brad World on Bravo, the stylist frequently talks about how every outfit need a pop of color, hence his clever abbreviation, POC.

On several occasions I have paired this bright yellow winter jacket with jeans, dresses, leggings, etc.

This time I threw on a vintage grey fur neck wrap. How much do you love the grey/yellow combo!!??

TJ Maxx in NYC was the perfect place to wear this lemon yellow beauty one last time before I store her away for next winter.

Gaga wore a yellow Valentino Couture vintage jacket similar to mine on her Thanksgiving special!

Photo Credit

It sure did get quite some use during the winter.

DVF is so kindly bringing back the yellow jacket this fall.

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DVF’s Yellow Gem: $500-$700

Hidden Gem: $79

Would you wear a bright yellow coat?

xoxo Carolyn

Trusty Trench


With all this rain that New England has been having, a perfect rain jacket is a must! I can’t even believe all of this rain and chilly weather! Mother Nature must be having a mid-life crisis. However, I am so glad I get to write about one of my FAVORITE rain jackets! I found a gorgeous fuschia, Tahari rain jacket at TJ’s! What makes this even more of a desirable jacket is that when I went to see how much this beauty was, my eyes were fixed on that little red clearance tag!

I wore this jacket during the Spring Hidden Gems photo shoot! I paired this gem with a diamond (faux unfortunately) necklace and a pair of beige heels.

Pixie Lott and Mandy Moore spice up their outfits with an eggplant and yellow rain coat!

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Princess Catherine Middleton and Kim Kardashian love a Burberry trench.

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Jill Sander thought men deserved to share the joy of a colorful trench!

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Kim Kardashian’s Burberry Trench: $4,495 (Ahhh! And imagine it will get rained on!)

Hidden Gem: $49.99

Are you fed up with this weather!? Do you have a favorite rain jacket you like to throw on to shelter from the rain!? Do you prefer a colorful rain coat or a classic neutral coat? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn

Make Up and Hair: Sara Nims at Salon Sei Bella

Photography: Alexandra Laskey

Editing: Mike Yorke (www.mikeyorke.com)

Rainy Day Blues


Living in New England (and being April), unexpected rain showers are sure to happen! So, when I saw this teal rain jacket on the outerwear rack at TJ’s, I knew it was a fabulous investment!

I paired this delicious Due Per Due gem with a peacock feathered belt, some leggings, and combat boots for a fun springtime look.

This jacket is not only glamorous, but comes with a lovely story as well!

Lina called me up at about 7:30pm on a Sunday night and asked me to accompany her to TJ Maxx. What was I going to say?? No!? PSH! After browsing the racks for a few, I stumbled upon this raincoat gem! Small and large were the only sizes left! I typically take a medium, but tried both on anyway. The large didn’t fit right, but the small seemed OK. It was FABULOUS! The cinched waist, the bubble bottom…breathtaking! I walked around the store in it, like it was already mine. I showed Lina and her sister to see what they thought. They loved it, however Lina mentioned that the shoulders of the jacket didn’t sit right on mine. I hated to admit it, but I was suffocating inside the jacket! It was SO SNUG! I raced to the front to see if anyone had left a medium lying around or returned one! I told the employee that I was in love with the jacket and desperately needed it in a medium! He apologized and said he didn’t see any. I went home empty handed and so sad!

About a week later, I went to TJ Maxx (different than the one I was as that week before). What did I see twinkling among a sea of dark coats? YUP! You guessed it! My teal dream!!! And a medium too!!! Needless to say, my gem is now a part of my family.

Note: My gem is now on clearance at TJ’s!

A colorful rain jacket is sure to brighten that gloomy looking day. Have a look at these raincoat blues by Hogan.

Photo Credit 1, 2

Hogan Gem: €375 which converts to $483….YIKES!

Hidden Gem: $39.99

How are you feeling about these scattered showers? Do you have a go-to, colorful rain jacket? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn