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Hello! My name is Shanna-Marie from Shanna’s Eye View ! I am an avid reader of Hidden Gems and am excited to share some of my amazing finds with you!

I can be extremely patient and I feel that waiting truly pays off. I had been coveting a pair of Sam Edelman platform wedges for awhile. Maybe because I never had a pair of shoes like these before. The Sam Edelman’s were $160, but I’ve purchased five new pairs of shoes in two months, therefore, I’m trying to be good. So I waited to find an alternative.

They had 2 versions at Aldo.

One extreme platform for $100 and a normal height pair for $60.

Since I am on my feet all day, I couldn’t go with the higher platform and was willing to go for the $60 pair. I thought it through and searched just a little bit more and found them at H&M on Newbury for $30!!

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Shanna’s Eye View

Spike It!


A great shoe is key for the insane amount of foot traveling you will do during New York Fashion Week. I couldn’t wear boots because it was still quite hot out and do you really think I would be caught dead in a pair of flip flops around the city?? Never! What if I happened to run into Patricia Field, costume designer for Sex and the City , on the street?

To our amazement, we actually did run into her and I was so happy to be wearing these fabulous new spiked loafers! 

I picked up these Sam Edelman beauties right before I left for New York at a store in Newport, RI called Kristina Richards!

Christian Louboutin makes a similar pair of spiked gems!

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These celebs love a spiked pair of flats. Even Kanye rocks them!

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 These shoes were pretty much a staple for all of my NYFW outfits. I based every outfit I wore around these beauties. They came with me on the Sex and the City tour, during Fashion’s Night Out, and shopping around SoHo!

Christian Louboutin Gem: $995

Sam Edelman Hidden Gem: $150

What do you think about a spiked shoe? How would you wear them? Do you like the loafer style for the fall or do you feel too much like Hugh Hefner? Tell us in the comments!

To see more Sam Edelman gems like mine visit:

xoxo Carolyn

Walking on Stilts…and Studs


During fashion week, a stylish, unique, bizarre looking shoe is key! Quite a bit of adjectives for a little shoe to fulfill, but it can be done! However, you don’t want your shoes to make your feet ache and wish to chop them off. Some shows require a bit of walking to and from, and forget about getting a cab, because there are so many people trying to get one, you are better off walking to your next destination. Well, the same day Lina bought her Emerald green gem, I found some WILD Sam Edelman Zoyla wedges dangling on the clearance shoe rack at Marshalls. Slipped them on they felt like angels! Didn’t hurt a bit! Just to make sure, I walked around the store shopping for other gems, with them on. Twenty minutes later, still felt like fluffy slippers. I yelled across the store to Lina and told her that they felt wonderful! Pretty sure I even jumped once or twice with excitement.

These 5 1/2 inch, leather studded, cut out, wedge boots were a fabulous addition to my fashion week clothing. I showed off these gems at a Vogue QVC party, the first night we arrived in NYC.

Have a look at the rest of my ensemble! The brightly colored top and jacket, paired with my liquid leggings and studded wedges was a perfect way to start out fashion week.

Quite a few people asked where I got my fabulous wedges and loud and proud I said, “Marshalls!”

These studded gems look just like mine!!

Clockwise: Jeffrey Campbell, Michael Antonia Studio, Givenchy, and of course, Sam Edelman!!

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Kim Kardashian and Rachel Bilson love a studded shoe! Kim’s gems are by Ruthie Davis and Rachel’s are by the one and only, Christian Louboutin.

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Kim was at the same QVC party we were attending too! I bet she saw my studded gems from afar and longed to know where I got them! Well Kim, if you’re reading this, now you know!

Original Sam Edelman Gem: $225

Hidden Gem: $59.99!!

What do you think of studs? Would you wear a studded wedge? Did you happen to watch the Kardashians on QVC last week? Let us know!

Check out some live footage from the party!

Fashion Week-Vogue QVC Party


Notice a certain blue jacket in the background? Yes, a fellow fashionista had on my SAME jacket that night! What are the odds!

xoxo Carolyn

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QVC Party-YouTube