Come Ski with Me


All of these storm watch warnings got me thinking…I need a snow jacket! Not a heavy duty snow jacket like my North Face, more like a cute ski jacket to toss a few snowballs in or hit a couple of slopes. Naturally, I went to TJ’s to see what I could find. When I reached the outerwear section, I began rifling through the ski pants and puffy jackets. A particular jacket jumped out at me! It was a fitted, eggshell colored jacket with a faded square pattern. What’s great is that it didn’t add bulk like most ski jackets. It is sinched at the waste which gives the jacket much shape! I slipped it on and instantly fell in love. The inside felt like fleece clouds! Soo cozy! 

With the blizzard last week, what better time to wear my new gem! My “snow suit” also consisted of purple leggings, matching purle ear muffs, and lime green moon boots! While I realize my leggings are not practical for the snow, they do compliment the jacket quite well! 

This double breasted beauty keeps me toasty AND chic! 

Have a look at these Winternational jackets! They are fitted and seem quite warm, just like mine! 

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Winternational Ski Jacket Gem: 499€….seems a bit much for rolling around in the snow!

Hidden Gem: $39.99!!

What do you wear for some fun in the snow? Do you have a favorite ski jacket that you adore? Tell us about it in the comments! 

xoxo Carolyn