Easter Eyelet


In search of an Easter Sunday outfit? Since spring is upon us, why not try an eyelet dress! I found an amazing See by Chloe eyelet dress at TJ’s.  This dress was paired with some white, leather flower earrings (yes, white leather!!!) and my oh so loved metallic, Kate Spade heels!

This dress has to be worn with the perfect accessories (simple) and on the right occasion so not to give off that “little house on the prairie” vibe.

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Louis Vuitton sent many eyelet dresses doing the runway for his Spring 2012 collection. Kind of a fan of the feathers too…

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 Look at this Women’s Wear Daily photo spread with some casual looking eyelet dresses.

Original See by Chloe Gem: $445

Hidden Gem: $220

Do you own any eyelet pieces? What will you be wearing on Sunday? Upload your Easter looks to our Facebook page!

xoxo Carolyn

Key Lime Kate


Nothing says spring more that a green and white polished dress. I scooped up this Kate Spade dress from TJ’s and sported it during our photo shoot! 

Paired with gold earrings, a white, beaded flower bracelet, and blood orange heels. This look is perfect to wear to a Sunday brunch, a graduation party, or even the Kentucky derby! Just need to find a nice, extremely large, hat.

Our favorite Blair Waldorf wore a similar spring’esque dress in a scene for Gossip Girl. 

Kate Spade designed this (almost identical to my magical dress) Verandah Place  purse!!

Kate Spade Original Gem: $445

Hidden Gem: $149

What’s your favorite dress to wear for the spring? Have you picked up any Kate Spade pieces recently?? Let us know!

xoxo Carolyn

Black and White and Fab all over…


What’s black and white and fabulous all over… this TIBI jacket of course! It is so versatile! For the spring photo shoot I paired it with my favorite black skinnies, but it would look major with a pair of neon skinnies too! Its’ perfect for any occasion! Nothing says “put together” like  a tailored jacket. Chic, sophisticated and of course saavy… it is a fabulous TJ’s find!

A classic outfit is not complete without a pair of sky high patent leather pumps and oversized FENDI sunnies! Don’t forget your POC for the spring. Pop Of Color! An aqua bracelet will do the trick!

Check out Olivia in the matching dress!

photo 1

All of these gems and more were found at our favorite one stop shop…

TJ’s Fresh Pond in Cambridge!

Original TIBI Gem: $550…

Hidden Gem: $250 at TJ’s!

Kelsi Dagger heels:$39.99

FENDI sunnies: $79.99

Do you have a favorite classic jacket? How about accessories? We would love to hear from you… so share your gems!!!

xoxo Lina