A Birthday Miracle!


As you all know Tuesday was my 22nd birthday! It was a fabulous day! What I want to share with you, however, is my amazing outfit I wore for my 21st birthday. I turned 21 on the 21st….which means, it was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! I threw an extravagant party, but the morning of my birthday I still had no outfit ideas. Can you believe it! I obviously jet-setted to a recently opened TJ Maxx in Newton and began to scour the racks of dresses.

I was so overwhelmed, having little time to find a memorable dress when I was about to call it a day and whip something up from my own closet, when I saw a little piece of turquoise, metallic fabric peaking out through the sea of winter colored dresses. It was a wild dress! Just my style! A one shoulder, metallic turquoise and green dress with a huge bow on the shoulder, made by Phoebe Couture (a designer I had never heard of). It didn’t have a price tag, but I tried it on anyway and it was a tiiiiny bit too tight. I looked to see if their were any more, but there weren’t. This was an original! So obviously I had to have it. When I brought it up to the register, I had no idea a birthday miracle was about to take place!

My tailor, being the sweetest gem, was able to adjust my dress comfortably and had it ready in time for the big party.

Here am I modeling my party dress with my lovely friend Lindsay.

I paired my dress with gold, sparkly earnings, courtesy of nana, and these gold gems from Marshalls. Keep checking back for later posts, to find out who makes these unbelievable heels.

Taylor Swift wore this metallic blue and gold, Rebecca Taylor party dress to be interviewed on The View!

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Now for the birthday miracle!

Original Phoebe Couture Gem: $300!!!!!

Hidden Gem: $30!!!

The best birthday surprise ever!!!

What did you wear on your Golden Birthday? Any metallic party dresses? What do you think of my Phoebe Couture dress? Tell us in the comments! And thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Note: For more Phoebe Couture styles go to: www.phoebecouture.com

xoxo Carolyn

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Hidden Gem!


I have known Carolyn for over 16 years and we have spent countless birthdays celebrating in style! She is one of my oldest and truest friends… the definition of a hidden gem! So Happy Birthday to my favorite Gemballina Carolyn on this, your 22nd year of birth! May you have a day and night filled with fun, fashion, and GEMS!

xoxo Lina

Wristy Business


The holiday’s are just around the corner and everyone is scurrying around, trying to snag some great deals on gifts. Well if your in desperate need for some help on what to get your BFF, I have just the gift! A wristlet! No, no, not that cheapy looking wristlet buried under all of the gems, a Dooney & Bourke wristlet of course! Ok. Take a deep breath. This wristlet isn’t going to have you skipping to the bank to take out a loan to purchase it. It’s at TJ’s, so it’s obviously selling for a magical price. The D&B wristlet that I got as a gift from my nan holds soo many essential things. Any woman would love this as a gift. Instead of lugging around that huge purse to do errands, just grab your wristlet and you’re good to go!

This gem has beautiful orange leather, gold accents, and stitching across the top.

And look at the spacious room inside! It holds my blackberry, lipgloss, credit card, change purse, anti-bacterial of course, and a our bedazzled Hidden Gems business card case!

It even comes in other colors! Check out this lemon-yellow gem.

Now that I think about it, this would be a perfect stocking stuffer too!!

Original Gem: $85

Hidden Gem: $39

That’s a pretty delicious price for a gift! Whoever is lucky enough to receive this wristlet as a gift is going to be one excited gem!

Do you have a bright colored wristlet that you love to take out on the town? Or do you prefer to carry your wristlet inside your oversize satchel bag? Any particular Dooney and Bourke bags out that you are desiring for the holidays? Tell us your holiday wish list in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn