Remarkable Sparkle


With the 2011 Golden Globes occurring last Sunday, I thought what better to write about than the fabulous diamond jewels that our favorite movie stars wore on the the red carpet!

Monday being a holiday, I skipped on over to TJ’s to check out their selection. The jewelry counter was calling my name and these drop diamond, cut out earring instantly caught my eye! Later that day I tuned into Fashion Police and saw that Emma Stone wore earrings more delicate and simple, but similar to the ones I just purchased.

Look at these dreams!! Pair them with a dress for a special occasion or wear them with jeans, heels, and a simple top. YUM!

Look at Emma’s Van Cleef and Arpels, Palmyere diamond drop earrings! And they go perfect with her gorgeous Calvin Klein dress!

When I got home, after showing off my new gems to everyone in my house, even Callie and Coop (my two golden retrievers), I went to place the earrings in my jewelry box and noticed a sparkly, diamond cocktail ring I purchased earlier this year. It matched my new drop diamond gems exactly!!

Gweneth Paltrow wore this magical Sutra diamond cocktail ring to the premiere of her new movie Country Strong, while Alicia Eve wore a similar ring to the premiere of She’s Out of my League. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with these oversized cocktail rings. Adds sparkle to any outfit!

Emma’s Gem: $150,000. Yes, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Hidden Gem: $16.99

Bonus Cocktail Ring Hidden Gem: $19.99

Have you found any great jewels at TJ’s? Who were your best dressed picks for the Golden Globes? What’s your take on Emma’s Stone new blonde hair? Hate it or Love it? Tell us in the comments!!

xoxo Carolyn

Snow and the City


If you are anywhere near New England, Mother Nature so thoughtfully gifted us with a SNOW DAY today! The first few weeks after a long, relaxing Christmas break can be dreadful, so this is a perfect time for a day off!! Lina just did a magnificent post on some Kate Spade Snow Boots. Hopefully you picked up a pair before the blizzard hit.

After throwing a few snowballs around and sliding down some snowy, neighborhood hills, what’s better than curling up in front of the television to watch a great movie!? I found a great classic at TJ Maxx.

Lina and I’s favorite movie to watch, rain or shine, snow or sleet…

Photo Credit

Yes, Sex and the City: The Movie!! I could watch this gem over and over again. The plot is great, but what really keeps me continuously popping in this DVD is the fashion! Every scene, each girl has a more stylish outfit than the one before! I mean, this is the movie that got me pairing belts with everything I put on. There is no better way to spend a snow day, than gushing over magnificent clothes worn by the four fabulous women we all adore!

Photo Credit 1, 2, 3

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your day off with the stylish women of NYC!

Hopefully you have a Mr. Big at home to do all the shoveling!

Original Gem: $19.99

Hidden Gem: $5.99

What are you planning on doing on your snow day? Do you prefer Sex and the City 1 or 2? Have you ever picked up any DVD’s from TJ’s? Let us know in the comments!!

xoxo Carolyn