Rainy Day Blues


Living in New England (and being April), unexpected rain showers are sure to happen! So, when I saw this teal rain jacket on the outerwear rack at TJ’s, I knew it was a fabulous investment!

I paired this delicious Due Per Due gem with a peacock feathered belt, some leggings, and combat boots for a fun springtime look.

This jacket is not only glamorous, but comes with a lovely story as well!

Lina called me up at about 7:30pm on a Sunday night and asked me to accompany her to TJ Maxx. What was I going to say?? No!? PSH! After browsing the racks for a few, I stumbled upon this raincoat gem! Small and large were the only sizes left! I typically take a medium, but tried both on anyway. The large didn’t fit right, but the small seemed OK. It was FABULOUS! The cinched waist, the bubble bottom…breathtaking! I walked around the store in it, like it was already mine. I showed Lina and her sister to see what they thought. They loved it, however Lina mentioned that the shoulders of the jacket didn’t sit right on mine. I hated to admit it, but I was suffocating inside the jacket! It was SO SNUG! I raced to the front to see if anyone had left a medium lying around or returned one! I told the employee that I was in love with the jacket and desperately needed it in a medium! He apologized and said he didn’t see any. I went home empty handed and so sad!

About a week later, I went to TJ Maxx (different than the one I was as that week before). What did I see twinkling among a sea of dark coats? YUP! You guessed it! My teal dream!!! And a medium too!!! Needless to say, my gem is now a part of my family.

Note: My gem is now on clearance at TJ’s!

A colorful rain jacket is sure to brighten that gloomy looking day. Have a look at these raincoat blues by Hogan.

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Hogan Gem: €375 which converts to $483….YIKES!

Hidden Gem: $39.99

How are you feeling about these scattered showers? Do you have a go-to, colorful rain jacket? Let us know in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn