Missoni Masquerade


If you have quickly scrolled across this post gazing at the pictures before these words, then answer is yes. Yes, I am lying on a tree log posing in a Missoni inspired dress. Oh, and I am also in platform wedges. This was quite the model challenge. I mean it’s not everyday that I lie on an uneven, tree log in the middle of the woods, but in the midst of this balancing act chaos, this Missoni-esque dress sure does look like a dream!

When I was browsing the Clearance rack, I nearly collapsed when I saw this dress! Unless the Missoni label was hanging out for all to see, one would never be able to tell that this was a Missoni look-a-like! Sure, TJ’s sells actual Missoni pieces, but this dress was quite special because A) It didn’t cost an arm and a leg B) It fit like a glove (and I’m not talking bulky snow gloves) and C) Inspired pieces are just as great as the originals!

Demi Moore enjoys a Missoni maxi dress with some gladiator sandals and a woven hobo bag!

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Nicole Richie looks 70s chic in her Missoni ensemble!

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Mischa Barton is such a fan of Missoni, she rocked her Missoni mini dress on a few different occasions!

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Missoni Maxi Dress: $1,065

Missoni Inspired Hidden Gem: $20

Missoni for Target will be coming September 13, 2011!! Now, proceed to whip out your Blackberry, iPhone, personal planner etc. and mark that on your calender.

Any baby showers coming up? Check out Rachel Zoe’s Missoni baby stroller that her newborn Skylar gets to enjoy!

Do you love Missoni? Did you know that Rachel Zoe is good friends with the Missoni family? Are you excited for Missoni for Target? Tell us in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn

Make Up and Hair: Sara Nims at Salon Sei Bella

Photography: Alexandra Laskey

Editing: Mike Yorke (www.mikeyorke.com)

Creative Director: Giuliana Pagliuca

A Watercolor Masterpiece


Neutrals are SO popular this season. Everywhere I turn there is a celebrity or a model rocking the neutral trend! BUT usually when you think of summer, you think of bright, eccentric colors! I was lucky enough to find a fitted/flowing, watercolor inspired dress at TJ’s. I wore this beauty during the the S/S Hidden Gems photo shoot and paired it with some periwinkle blue, oversized hoops, a hot pink watch, and gold wedges!

Doesn’t it look like something that could hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Or perhaps a painting Picasso may have whipped up?

This gem gives off such a vintage vibe!

Have a look at these watercolor dresses from Ralph Lauren!

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Ralph Lauren Watercolor Gem: $798

Hidden Gem: $49.99

Do you love my vintage, watercolor dress? Show off your colorful summer dresses in the “Show Me Your Gems” tab!

xoxo Carolyn

Make Up and Hair: Sara Nims at Salon Sei Bella

Photography: Alexandra Laskey

Editing: Mike Yorke (www.mikeyorke.com)