Have a Hippie Halloween!


So I needed to whip up a Halloween costume for this weekend and since I despise going into those Halloween shops because everything is made from the itchiest material known to man, I decided to go shopping at my favorite store…MY CLOSET!

I channeled my inner 70′s and found some awesome pieces for my costume from my closet! The best part is that I wear all of these items in my everyday life!

Can’t have enough of these bangling beauties!

How That 70′s Show is this picture?

Typical Halloween Costume Gem: $45-90

Hippie Hidden Gem: No cost! Just a little closet digging!

What are you guys being for Halloween? Do you think that I look like I should be hanging with Kelso and Hyde in Forman’s basement? Perhaps I would be better suited in an Anthropologie catalog.

xoxo Carolyn 

Chase the Lace


A hot trend for this season is LACE. And why wouldn’t it be, it is elegant and timeless! To me it can be worked into every season. Paired with a skirt in the spring, a pair of white shorts in the summer, a blazer in the fall, and with tuxedo pants in the winter!

It can be spotted all over the streets of New York and the runway of course!

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Carolyn got racy in black lacy at the Agent Provacateur NYC store opening!

Black lace has a great chic and sultry feel, especially when worn over neutral garments.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, looked stunning in a navy lace dress!

You can imagine my excitement when I found a similar top at H&M in NYC! So chic and regal! A navy lace top was the perfect edition to my lace and Kate Middleton obsession!

Kate’s Erdem Lace Dress: about £1,500

H&M Hidden Gem: $24.95

Have you purchased any lace this season?

Share it with us!

xoxo Lina

Michael Kors for a Cause


What better way to spend a rainy Thursday night than mingling with Michael Kors’ fabulous new fall gems?

Last night, we headed to the Burlington Mall to attend the Friends Fighting Breast Cancer-Michael Kors private shopping event!

We sipped some champagne, snacked on some hors d’oeurves from Capital Grille (delish), and captured some of MK’s gorgeous pieces.

Ok…need these suede wedges in every color.

Perfect fall bag. Doesn’t it remind you of a Birkin!

What do you think about Michael Kors’ fall collection? Do you own any MK pieces? Tell us in the comments!

xoxo CL