Ostrich Orange



While the Wrentham Outlets can make one pass out from the overwhelming amount of great deals they offer, they sure are a must go-to spot for the holiday season (hopefully none of you went on Black Friday though…yikes).

Lina and I ventured there before St. Barths and popped into the Kate Spade outlet.

Well we almost got escorted out of the store for shrieking with excitement. One corner there was 40% off of purses and I turn around and the shoes are 70% off the sale price!!! I had to sit down and catch my breath before an ambulance was called.

Lina convinced me to get these bright orange ostrich patterned heels. I wasn’t sure where I would be able to wear these angels, but luckily I found the perfect outfit to wear them with… 

Definitely incorporating these sweet dreams into my winter wardrobe…I’ll keep you posted on how.

Michael Kors did a whole line of Ostrich Orange bags for his fall 2011 collection!

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Kate Spade Original Gem: $265

Kate Spade Hidden Gem: $39.99

How do you feel about ostrich details? Would you wear bright orange for the fall/winter?

xoxo Carolyn

The Stone Age



St. Barths calls for the beachiest of looks!

I knew I couldn’t be wearing heavy, dark chunky necklaces when I was there because my look would scream East Coast and I wanted to blend with the locals!

When I went to NYC a few weeks ago, I found a DE-LI-CIOUS stone cuff that I had seen walk down the runway at one of that fashion shows in September…clearly I had to have it!

I’m obsessed with the green/gold combo!

This pendant was being displayed outside a store in SB!

While perusing some St. Barths shops, I came across some AMAZING agate stone necklaces! 

St. Barths Stone Gems: 255 € aka $345!!

NYC Stone Hidden Gem: $13

Are you loving the stone trend? Would you wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or both?

xoxo Carolyn

Sun, Sand, and Tunics


 When I was packing for St. Barths, I had to seriously give my wardrobe some thought.

It was going to be hot and the people were most likely going to be dripping in Calypso St. Barths clothing and covered in beachy jewels. 

I found, what I call, a “St. Barths tunic” from Marshalls on the clearance rack before I left!

Calypso St. Barths is pretty much the uniform of the island. Look at these tunics from their recent collection!

At night I turned this beachy tunic into a chic dinner ensemble. I paired it with white capris and metallic wedges!

Calypso St. Barths Tunic Gems: $255

Bejeweled Tunic Hidden Gem: $7 

Do you like tunics for relaxing vacations? Doesn’t mine look just like the Calypso ones?!

xoxo Carolyn