Striped Sequins


It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sure you all have been spending weeks perfecting every piece of sparkle that you will be wearing tonight. However, if you have waited until the last minute to pick out a glittering ensemble or are not happy with what you chose weeks ago, don’t fear.

While the mall is waaay too crowded to step my size 9 feet in, and with the massive amount middle schoolers running around because of winter break, I decided to do a little shopping in my mom’s closet.

I came across this sparkly, striped shirt and I decided that it was the perfect piece to wear to ring in 2012!

This Balmain dress is sparkly, scrumptious, and striped like my vinty piece!

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Balmain Striped Gem: $15,875…I’m speechless.

Vintage Sequin Hidden Gem: Free for me!

What are you doing for NYE? Have your outfit planned already or are you thinking about ransacking mom’s closet? Tell us in the comments!

xoxo Carolyn

Tis the Season


It has finally arrived…Christmas Eve is here!

I attended a holiday soiree last night and to whip me into the holiday spirit, I decided to wear something quite festive.

This green tweed bolero with black bejeweled studs trimming the jacket from Forever 21 went perfectly with my black sheer top!

Can’t leave the house without an earring, so you can imagine my excitement when I rumaged through my jewelry box and found these red and diamond vintage’esque earrings!

Little touches of red and green are perfectly OK for the holiday season. Just don’t wear your red skinny jeans and a green turtle neck together for your holiday parties…because I mean…that’s ugly.

Chanel sent this magical green tweed jacket down the runway for their Fall 2011 collection! It’s everywhere!!

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Chanel Gem: ~$2500

Green Tweed Hidden Gem: $39.99

What did you wear for your holiday parties? What are you wearing tonight for Christmas Eve dinner? Tell us in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

xoxo Carolyn